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SpectroNet is a community of Spectro Watchers that provide a live Youtube stream 24/7 of near real time seismic data. It is presented in scrolling spectrographs- cutting edge displays of seismic data that help take the guesswork out of discerning seismic and other events.


The live 24/7 feed chat is carefully moderated by helpful and family friendly community members, and kids are welcome!


SpectroNet currently provides seismic data displays of many seismometers located around the Ring of Fire and the world. You can monitor earthquakes worldwide, and seismicity at many volcanoes including Yellowstone, Long Valley, Rainier, St. Helens, Mauna Loa, many Alaska volcanoes and more!


1) The professional level spectrographs are incorporated as part of a new, unique, first of its kind invention

2) The invention provides a specific function, which is to seismically monitor the Ring of Fire/World on one screen, as well as educate the user at the same time by participating in the overall system.

3) The methodology for achieving this was partly developed by me, and the wide scope of its coverage is something that had never been done before on YouTube, not even by the USGS itself.

4) The invention is a part of an ongoing, wider system of education for proper spectrograph interpretation

5) Attempted use of these professional level spectrographs for other purposes outside of this system is potentially harmful.

6) Attempted use of these spectrographs for other purposes outside of this system on YouTube constitutes infringement of the invention, and bypasses the training system we provide to properly interpret them.

7) Regardless of where the copyright lies for any individual component of this system, at the very least attempted use of these spectrographs for any other purpose on YouTube constitutes a violation and infringement of either our artwork, layout, design, monitoring purpose, or system purpose.

8) The system is privately held, and incorporated as part of an identifiable brand entity known as SpectroNet.org. Considerable time, effort, and expense have been incurred as a result of producing this system. And therefore infringement or violation of it on YouTube does constitute actionable damage not only to me but to SpectroNet.org and the people who work very hard as volunteers to help maintain it.


Based on these key points above, we feel it is in our right and organizational interest to protect this system on YouTube. Any attempt to copy the layouts directly, or even similar, will be met with a copyright takedown notice. And in that case we WILL go all the way to court action. You cannot copy another person's work without permission.


Scott Todd



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