Revealing my "emotional intelligence"!

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Revealing my "emotional intelligence"!

Post by SheilaH » Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:44 am

I've been reading about a concept called "Emotional Intelligence" or "EI" for short. I soul searched, dug deep, and well ummm....I truly believe I am one "Emotionally Intelligent" lil lady! :lol:
* I just hit a few highlights from the articles. Links at end. Truth or dare...pfffftttt/meow.... TRUTH! And "cortisol" was mentioned in the articles so it's in the medical forum. :D 8-)

1. So does the fact that I've been referred to as "dramatic" a couple times count here? I mean...I can be VERY "word specific" when describing my feelings!!! :lol:
You Have a Robust Emotional Vocabulary. People with high EQs master their emotions because they understand them, and they use an extensive vocabulary of feelings to do so. While many people might describe themselves as simply feeling “bad,” emotionally intelligent people can pinpoint whether they feel “irritable,” “frustrated,” “downtrodden,” or “anxious.” The more specific your word choice, the better insight you have into exactly how you are feeling, what caused it, and what you should do about it.
2. HA! Roger this one...I'm good!
You Don’t Hold Grudges. Holding onto a grudge means you’re holding onto stress, and emotionally intelligent people know to avoid this at all costs.
3. I may be a little OCD about a "few" things but puhleeeze :lol:
You Don’t Seek Perfection. Emotionally intelligent people won’t set perfection as their target because they know that it doesn’t exist.
Forcing yourself offline and even—gulp!—turning off your phone gives your body and mind a break. Studies have shown that something as simple as an e-mail break can lower stress levels.
4. Well y'all know how I thought my Barq's Rootbeer had caffeine in it but it doesn't? Yep...I've limited my caffeine this whole time and didn't know it! Cool!!! Check Check!!!
You Limit Your Caffeine Intake. Drinking excessive amounts of caffeine triggers the release of adrenaline, and adrenaline is the source of the fight-or-flight response.
5. Hey...I'm always bright eyed and bushy tailed in the mornin! Ask Scotty HAHAHA
When you sleep, your brain literally recharges, shuffling through the day’s memories and storing or discarding them (which causes dreams) so that you wake up alert and clearheaded.
6. Three moves in six months...hell yes I'm flexible and quite adaptive! 8-) :lol:
You Embrace Change. Emotionally intelligent people are flexible and are constantly adapting.
7. Oh man...triple check here!!!
You Let Go of Mistakes. Emotionally intelligent people distance themselves from their mistakes, but do so without forgetting them.
8. I certainly APPRECIATE EACH OF YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! (Along with many other people and things I am grateful for!)
You Appreciate What You Have. Taking time to contemplate what you’re grateful for isn’t merely the right thing to do; it also improves your mood because it reduces the stress hormone cortisol by 23%. ... n-business
Sheila :D

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