"Cold War, Hot Mess"

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"Cold War, Hot Mess"

Post by SheilaH » Tue Oct 19, 2021 3:56 am

Hanford, Washington is an area etched in my brain now. The Pacific Northwest has been a ticking time bomb for the "Big One",(the 9+ magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that is expected to occur at some point.). However, I was totally unaware a "Fukishima Type Disaster" or worse may happen even with a large earthquake. This article is of great importance to the public to be aware of. It's scary as hell! Many nuclear reactors are in jeopardy throughout the world should a large earthquake occur.

Cleanup is ongoing at Hanford Nuclear Reservation, but radioactive waste will continue to be stored at Hanford for decades, maybe forever. Will the concrete that is being poured in hold up?

https://www.vqronline.org/reporting-art ... r-hot-mess
"Since Hanford was built, seismic technology has improved, and newly discovered geological faults have dramatically increased our knowledge about the likelihood of large quakes—the kind that could crack concrete pools, like the ones extremely hot cesium and strontium capsules are sitting in at Hanford, where, as they decay, they turn the water a glowing, electric blue. These capsules contain over a third of the total remaining radioactivity on the site; the structure is ten years past the end of its design life and is considered one of the site’s worst hazards."
“Geologists have also found that the power plant at Hanford -- which stores spent fuel rods in pools similar to the Fukushima reactor [in Japan] -- is at risk of experiencing seismic activity two to three times stronger than it was designed to handle,” the VQR piece states. “If power supplies failed, ‘it would take about a day for enough water to evaporate [from the pools] to cause a catastrophe.’”
Did I mention tours are (or were) available to US citizens? :roll:
Sheila :D

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